If you’re a dentist who’s been trying to attract new patients but just aren’t getting anywhere, you need to change your approach.

How are you trying to attract them? By word of mouth? Through mailings? What about social media?
If you’ve been ignoring social media, that may be part of your problem. Social media is a great resource to attract new patients because of the number of people you can attract at once.

How do you use social media to attract patients?

One of the best ways to attract new patients is to explore Facebook Ads for dentists. Last year, statistics showed that 81% of all Americans had a social media account. You need to tap into this audience! You can do this by hiring Crawford & O’Brien to develop a series of Facebook ads for your practice. We know how to craft ads that will attract new patients.

Besides Facebook ads for dentists, you also need to incorporate search engine optimization (SEO). When you use SEO techniques, your practice will be more likely to appear at the top of search engines. This will make you more visible to prospective patients. Patients will be more likely to look into dentists that appear first over ones that they have to search harder to find. Crawford & O’Brien are experts when it comes to SEO for dentists. We can help develop a campaign that will bring you front and center on search engines.

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