What Is Integrated Marketing and How Does It Apply to Your Dental Practice?

If you’re looking to successfully market your dental practice, you’re going to want to think big picture. What does this mean? It means you want to think about ways to not only get the word out about your dental practice and why people should visit you, but also ways to retarget your messages and keep your dental practice in people’s minds.

Before you begin to look for a company to help with this task, it’s important to understand what you’re going after and what the goals are.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Integrated marketing is an approach aimed at bringing all aspects of advertising together to present a consistent message across the board. This means your social media, direct advertising, public relations, etc., will all work together in an effort to convert people who come in contact with your messages into patients.

When a dental practice uses an integrated marketing approach, there is no confusion over the brand and the message. Everyone on the team not only knows what your practice stands for, but integrated marketing also works to put the customer experience first, looking to address their needs. What can your dental practice do for them? What valuable information do you have to share with them to improve their lives? These are just a couple of areas that an integrated marketing plan addresses.

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What Are Some Integrated Marketing Tactics?

Integrated marketing takes all of the marketing channels used by your practice into consideration; your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, even the elements included in your print and traditional marketing outlets. When you’re taking integrated marketing into consideration, you want to focus on making sure you use more than one marketing channel to reach potential patients and that your message and branding is consistent across all of these platforms. It’s never a good idea to put all your marketing dollars in one place. While you may assume that everyone is on Facebook, that’s not the case. You may find that people favor one social media platform more than another. That’s why you must be everywhere when it comes to promoting your dental practice. The more present you are and the more people see you, the more likely they will be to contact you over competing dental practices.

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One way to be everywhere, so to speak, is to make sure people who see your ads and messages are being retargeted. Retargeting allows you to deliver personalized content to people who have already visited your dental practice website or interacted with a form of social media. Perhaps, they got information but never followed through to make a call for an appointment or request more information online. 

Whatever the case, using retargeting ads will increase the chance that your potential patients will follow through. This will result in more patients in your waiting room.

Another way to use integrated marketing is to consider the mobile aspect because it’s huge! People are on their phones and tablets more than ever and most ads and websites are viewed on these devices. Make sure that all of your website, ads and other messages are mobile-friendly.If you’re ready to take your dental practice marketing to the next level, contact Crawford & O’Brien. Call us today at 720-594-6968 or send us a message online to find out why more about integrated marketing and how it can bring your dental practice to new heights.