When was the last time you reached for a phone book when you were looking for a new doctor or medical service? Chances are you may not even be able to remember! That’s because that method of seeking out information about services has become outdated and replaced with digital marketing in many different forms.

At Crawford & O’Brien this has become our business. It is our job to develop a marketing plan that is rich with digital marketing elements that will make your plastic surgery practice or medical service business stand out among all the others.

How do we do this? Let us show you…


It all starts with finding a brand that embodies your plastic surgery practice. What do you want people to know about your practice? What type of experience or feeling do you want them to get after they visit your office? These are the types of things we take into consideration when developing your medical practice’s brand.

A number of elements fall under our branding services. They include:


The team at Crawford & O’Brien will develop a logo that showcases your company’s unique brand personality. If you’re not sure what that is, we’ll help you find it and capitalize on it!


From the colors you desire to the logo we create, you will remain in the loop regarding all of the guidelines of your brand.


All of the elements of your brand work together to create a theme that will be clear to all potential patients.

Brand Voice

Your brand has a personality that other people can pick up on. The words and style you choose along with our team at Crawford & O’Brien will develop this voice.

Buyer Personas & Ideal Customer Avatar

You can’t target your audience if you don’t know who is included in your pool of potential patients. That’s why we will create your ideal customer avatar as well as various buyer personas.

Target Market Analysis & Segmentation

Another key element of marketing towards your audience is studying your audience and determining if there is more than one you should be targeting. We will look at all aspects of your plastic surgery or medical services practice to determine who we need to target to make you a success.
We offer three levels of branding packages; basic, intermediate, and advanced to meet your needs and budget. When you meet with us, we can discuss which one best suits your business.

Website Design & Development

How can prospective patients get quick information about you and the services you offer? Your website should provide that if it’s developed and designed properly.

This means your website needs the following characteristics:

  • Updated
  • Relevant
  • Interesting
  • Easy to follow

Missing just one of these elements can mean the difference between a full waiting room of patients or one that is empty.

At Crawford & O’Brien we take website development very seriously because we know it is one of the main assets involved in marketing your practice.

Social Media Marketing

Your website is only one piece of your marketing puzzle. Another big aspect comes in the way of social media marketing.
Why would you want to advertise your practice on social media?
The answer is why not?

With billions of people online at any given moment, there is an audience of people who may be interested and even looking for the services you offer.

We approach social media marketing in two ways; organic and paid marketing. Organic marketing is great because it’s FREE! You can post as many updates or links as you’d like, hoping to lure in business.

With paid social media marketing, we can target your ideal audience as well as track those who have already showed an interest in your ad.

A large part of our social media marketing revolves around Facebook and Instagram content development. When you work with Crawford & O’Brien, you can choose from a basic or advanced package which will give you a variation of social media marketing services.


Once you’ve established your brand and have started to focus on social media marketing, you also need to take SEO into consideration. SEO or search engine optimization is critical for your online success as a plastic surgeon.

It basically will improve your search engine results when a keyword is used. The higher you rank, the more likely someone will see your business first and call you before the competition.

You can choose from our basic or advanced SEO programs which include:

  • On-Page Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Link Building
  • Google My Business & Google Maps Optimization
  • Guest Blogging
  • Online Articles & So Much More!

We will help you decide which package best suits your needs.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is also vital to filling up your waiting room with patients because it provides value before the patient even decides on any services. It will tell them the benefits of a certain procedure as well as how it can improve their lives. If people can realize this, then they will be more likely to visit your office.

Content marketing can come in a variety of forms that include:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media Content
  • Video Production

Email Campaigns

What better way to target a potential client than directly in their inbox? Email campaigns are a wonderful way to market your practice because your message is being delivered right to them. They don’t need to search to find it. All they have to do is open the message.

The people on your email list have already shown some type of interest in the service you provide or perhaps are previous patients you want to return. In either case, email campaigns can help to bring them in.

Review & Reputation Management

When you are in the medical field, reviews are a huge part of your practice. At Crawford & O’Brien we realize that they can make or break you. That’s why we take great care in helping to manage your online reputation. Choose from our basic, intermediate, advanced or premium packages so that we can make sure your rave reviews shine online.

If you are looking to make your plastic surgery or medical services practice stand out among the competition, let Crawford & O’Brien provide the marketing services you need to make it happen.  Call us today at 720-594-6968!

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clients are saying

Dentist SEODr. Nathan Dustin,

Here’s the deal about marketing. You have to pay to play, you have to measure and track, and you have to remember that the return on investment comes from a few contacts that are ready. We are trying to create a marketing funnel that filters a large number of “interested people” down to a few that are ready. It turns out that Facebook marketing is a good tool for this. The team at Crawford & O’Brien has put together a campaign for us that combines SEO, PPC, and Facebook. We believe that these are critical components of an online marketing presence. We were recently able to close a large case that came to us from our Facebook marketing. The patient prepaid $36K. I will take that return!

Dentist SEODr. Darren L. Flowers,

I am so happy I chose Crawford & O’Brien to revitalize my old, tired website, SEO and social media. I get compliments all the time from new patients on my branding. I've experienced a 61% increase in patients and a 99% increase in production.

Advertising ClientDr. Mario Pary,

I chose to work with Crawford & O’Brien because they provide amazing results, unlike anything I've seen by a digital marketing agency. I often get over 100 leads in any given month from their marketing efforts.

Advertising ClientDieter Shaefer,

These guys are the best decision I made in my practice. In the last year, they have increased my company's revenues over 81%. I couldn't recommend them more. They do things for me I've never heard of from other agencies.

Dental Advertising ClientDr. Pat Crawford,

Within 1 month, I had a new website, dozens of leads and started showing up on the first page of Google, and I was getting new patients the very first week of using them! Everything they do has a high ROI, and I am now have more money coming in than money spent.