Do you know what phrases like “marketing trends” mean? Well, if you are like most dentists, you probably don’t. Now, that is not a bad thing, it just means that you have mastered a different kind of skillset…fixing everyone’s teeth. Now, although dental marketing is not something that you need to know how to do personally, or even professionally, it is something that you need within your dental business if you want to be profitable in the long-run. That is why, today, we here at Crawford & O’Brien are going to show you some of the top things you should know before choosing a top dental marketing agencySo, read on, learn about dental marketing and enjoy!

Making Your Business Mobile Friendly Need to be Their Priority!

In the world we live in today, nearly everyone has a smartphone, and in fact a recent study was done by Google which shows that about “95 to 96 percent of people use their smartphone to access information online.” And believe it or not, as humans, dental patients are no different. That being said, it is crucial for the dental marketing agency understand advertising for dentists and to be able to help make your website mobile friendly. This will not only boost the traffic on your website, but, if done correctly, it will also boost the traffic within your dental office, which, of course, every practicing dentist wants.

They Must Use Visual Content!

With so many new forms of social media popping up here and there, marketing agencies need to grow and adapt to those changes and be able to help you do the same. With that in mind, visual content such as videos, photos, and even, on occasion, infographics all need to be apart of the their efforts to be more engaging with your patients and even future patients. These visual components, along with having more memorable and thought-provoking content, will help to increase patient awareness to procedures that you offer as well as other tips and tricks you provide them about oral hygiene and maintenance.

“Why Outsource My Dental Marketing When I could Do It Myself?”

Although many dentists may also know a thing or two about marketing, it is always better to have a top dental marketing agency like Crawford & O’Brien do it. Think of it this way: would you let that one uncle who pulls teeth with pliers from his shed do work on your teeth? Probably not. Even though he may know a thing or two about pulling teeth, it is not something that he is a professional at. So, instead of trying to save a couple dollars here and there by doing it yourself, outsource that work to a top marketing agency who specializes in dental marketing. That way, you get it done right the first time and will grow your business more quickly without taking time away from what you do best.


In conclusion, if you have no idea what advertising for dentists is, than waste no more time to hire Crawford & O’Brien. As one of the top dental marketing agencies online we know what it takes to bring you more patients help to gain more profits in your business. If you think your dental business needs help and want to know more about what we do, than visit our services page to learn more.

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