When it comes to getting the word out about your dental practice, word of mouth just doesn’t cut it anymore. With so much competition, you need to find unique ways for your practice to stand out. That effort comes in the form of carefully developed online marketing techniques and campaigns. Simply having social media accounts is not enough in the way of online advertising to reach potential clients. You need to have an experienced team behind you to help find the best techniques to build your practice. Crawford and O’Brien has a proven track record when it comes to online marketing for dentists and online advertising for dentists.

There are many things to consider when mapping out an online marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). When prospective patients search for a dentist in their area is your practice on the first page of their results? If the answer is no, the chance of them choosing you over the competition is low.

Website Design. A website is not just something fun to have for your dental practice. It is a vital part of online market for dentists. Your website is your way to showcase your work, the services you offer, and why patients should choose you over the competition. The information your website provides to prospective patients can be a major factor in whether they pick up the phone and call you or the next dentist they find.

Social Media. It’s no secret social media is hot these days. Last year, statistics showed that 81% of all Americans had some type of social media account. People use social media to not only connect with friends and family but to also get information about businesses. That’s why your Facebook profile, ads and other social media accounts and pages need to be on point. Not maintaining those sites can have a negative impact on your dental practice.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising. When it comes to online advertising for dentists, PPC advertising needs to be part of the plan. It helps to get instant traffic to your site which can result in more patients.

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