Finding new patients for your dental practice is essential for the growth and continued success of your practice, but you may be wondering how to market your dental practice so that you can get those new patients. Although you will acquire new patients through word of mouth and reputation, in today’s market, the best way to bring in new clients is through the Internet. The majority of consumers now search for dentists online. If you don’t have a strong, positive online presence, you will be lost among the competition.

Marketing has moved online and the businesses that accept this truth are the ones you see thriving around you. Regardless of the field or industry, only those ventures can hope to sustain themselves in the ever-changing industry that keep up with the times and make sure that their web pages are search engine optimized.

Gone are the days when you had to work long and hard to steadily build your clientele. As the internet has given everyone a voice, if you work on just one patient and make sure that he or she does nothing but sing your praises, this one voice or opinion can skyrocket you to internet fame. However, it is ultimately up to an SEO organization to ensure that that voice is heard. Opinions, both good and bad, spread like wildfire on the internet and good SEO companies make sure to nip the bad opinions about your practice in the bud while amplifying the voices of the people that you have won over.

When you hire a company like Crawford and O’Brien for your dental practice marketing efforts, you get the expertise to use the best Internet marketing strategies. Please click here for a complimentary strategy session from Crawford and O’Brien and keep reading for 10 Internet marketing strategies to bring in new patients!

10 Dental Internet Marketing Strategies


At Crawford and O’Brien, we offer the most trusted brand in dental SEO available in the market. Our customer reviews are always gleaming with satisfied customers whom we are yet to disappoint. This is mainly because we use a calculated strategy in boosting a web page’s online credibility. Our dental internet marketing strategies are discussed in detail below:

Google Local Listings
Local Online Marketing


Your website is the foundation for your Internet marketing campaign. You must have an engaging website that is optimized for search engines and will inspire people to act on what they see. Most users only spend about 10 seconds on a site before making a decision. If your site does not capture their attention instantly, then they are lost, and you lose revenue.

Crawford and O’Brien builds high-functioning, optimized websites from the ground up with high quality unique content. The best part is that we don’t stop there. We continue to maintain it over time; keeping your website fresh and engaging to customers. Additionally, we integrate social media sites like Facebook and Google+ to enhance the user experience. With such a strong website, you can have a high rate of conversion and a high return on your investment.

The most important service that we can offer you is to transform your laggy web page into a high converting website. This means that by the time we are done revamping your web page, the people who visit your online domain will be more likely to seek your services. Our customers have reported a staggering 5 times increase in the calls that they have received from potential clients after we had transformed their web pages, so you can rest easy knowing that you are in the best of hands.

Web marketing for dentists is a science, and if it is not done correctly, you are wasting your marketing budget and missing new patients.


After your web page has been revamped into a high converting website, the work is still far from being done. The next weapon in our arsenal is to follow organic SEO tricks. We ask the best web pages online to link back to your web page as it considerably boosts your SEO rankings.

Once you have your foundation built, it is time to begin optimizing it for search engines. Most users never look past the first page of search engine results, and some do not even make it past the top five sites on the first page. Therefore, it is essential your practice ranks highly among search results. Your website must be optimized for important keywords so that search engines find your site when searching for those keywords. Additionally, “link building” makes your website more popular. The more websites that link to your site from somewhere else, the higher your rankings will go. However, you must be careful about the websites you choose to link back to you. Too many links from crappy sites can actually damage your SEO rankings.

We understand dental Internet marketing, and we know what Google wants – high quality content that’s so good that people are willing to share it – so we give it to them. In fact, we have had many of our clients’ websites on the first page of search engine results within just a few weeks.

It is all a part of dental website optimization or the many tricks that you should be using to get your website to rank highly in search results. If you’re wondering why your website is ranking where it is, click here now for a free strategy session!

Local Online Marketing


When thinking about dental website SEO, you not only have to consider organic SEO, but also the local SEO, which is important for businesses like dentists. When people search for local businesses, search engines will put local business sites above those normally listed first. To capitalize on the Internet, you need to have both a strong local SEO and organic SEO. Through optimizing your site for local searching, by adding keywords and metadata for the cities and counties you serve, your site will rank highly regardless of how potential clients search for you.

Believe it or not, the people who can help your dental practice grow the most are the ones in your immediate vicinity. As the advent of the internet has made everyone rely on the best service that’s closest to them, local search engine optimization ensures that you have enough good cred among the residents of your area, which means that your web page is bound to be featured quite high in the search results.

Here are the main factors in ranking higher in the local results:

  1. Name, Address, Phone Consistency (NAP). All of your information should be the same on all of your pages.
  2. Directory Citations. Basically a citation is a mention of your business on another website, like Yellowpages, Superpages and InfoGroup. Help Google see that your website is worth ranking in the local results by being mentioned on a local directory.
  3. Verify Listing. You have to verify many of your listings. This can be time-consuming, but it’s definitely worth it.
  4. Online reviews. You need to ask patients to leave reviews on Google+ either through emails after their appointment, in person or both.


Another important aspect of any Internet marketing campaign is Google Adwords Pay per Click (PPC) in which you only pay if a user actually clicks on your ad and visits your landing page / website. You can use Google Adwords, the biggest Internet PPC advertising network in the world, to put advertising links on your site in a variety of places throughout the Internet and pay only when someone actually acts on the ad. You can incorporate YouTube ads, which increase the number of people finding their way to your website.

Even though it may look like a long shot at first, we can confirm from our years of experience in the business that Google AdWords’ PPC pays in the long run. When you stop to think about it, it really makes sense. You are not paying Google a cent unless someone clicks on your advert. And should someone choose to click on your practice’s advert, your eye-catching and informative landing page will be enough to make a client out of them, which can help you pay back Google for directing the online traffic to your practice. In a nutshell, using Google AdWords PPC is a win-win situation.

With this type of medical marketing, you can use “negative” keywords to your advantage. For instance, if you don’t want to accept Medicaid patients, you can advertise to everyone but this group.



Google Adwords is the biggest ad network in the world. Google made over 50 billion in 2013 from ads! Why? Their network works. You get to target people who are searching for what you have to offer. That’s why SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) traffic is the best kind of traffic out there for local businesses. If someone’s looking for a dentist, they are going to pull out their phone and Google dentists in whatever town they live in. Here’s an example of Adwords (the top 3 results are Google Adwords ads).

Local SEO Listings

We at Crawford and O’Brien pride ourselves in knowing the subtleties of Google AdWords, and this is the biggest asset that we can lend to our users. Our invaluable expertise in this field allows us to pick the best keywords so that your web page has a better chance of being featured on a search engine result page. Not only that, but we also write concise and compelling adverts that always create a lasting impression on the viewer. Furthermore, we set up object-oriented campaigns for your practice. These campaigns have the sole purpose of highlighting your best or high profit services so that you stand to make more money in the grand scheme of things. What truly separates us from our rivals is that we are not content with just making your online presence ‘good’ as we want it to be great. This is exactly why we keep altering your online campaign in such a way that your final result is always optimized and your monthly profits keep skyrocketing instead of stagnating or going down.

So now that you understand why Google is so powerful, here’s what we do when we setup your Google Adwords campaign.


The beauty of Adwords is that we can bid on keywords for whatever services you want to focus on (which should be your highest profit services like implants / root canals). Whenever someone searches on Google, the Adwords system runs an auction that happens in milliseconds. Google ranks advertisers based on whoever is bidding the highest + quality score (which is basically a measure of how relevant your ads are). So if you bid high and have relevant ads, you can rank #1 on Adwords and get the most clicks – and ideally the most conversions.

We bid based on what it will take to rank #1 on Adwords and whether or not we think it’s worth bidding for the top position. If a competitor who has an equal quality score is willing to pay $40 per click, we probably wouldn’t bid on that keyword since it wouldn’t be worth it. On average it takes about 30 clicks to convert into 1 new patient. So if the average cost per click is $10, that’s $300 spent to get 1 new patients. The good thing is that most patients that come from Adwords are high profit. So would you pay $300 to get an implant patient? I hope so.


One of the biggest mistakes people make with Adwords is that they bid on keywords that are too broad. For example, a dentist who sets up his own campaign might bid on the keyword “dentist”. The problem with that is that it’s more broad – so your quality score will be lower, plus, you’ll get more unwanted clicks. If someone searches “Johnny DDS dentist” and Johnny is your competitor, then you’re risking getting wasted clicks from having your ads display when someone is searching for a competitor. Or someone could search “welfare dentist” and your ad would show up. But I assume you don’t want “state” or “welfare” patients. You want cosmetic patients who walk in with 3k cash.

So we bid on super targeted keywords like “cost of dental implants” or “best dental implant dentist”, not broad keywords like “implants”. Someone could be searching for “breast implants” and your ad would show up. Not good. Here are all examples of keywords that this dentist was getting clicks from before we took over his campaign. Most of these keywords aren’t targeted…so that’s a lot of money wasted.

Pay Per Click For Dentist


When you have great ads, more people click. This increases your click-through-rate, which is one of Google’s main metrics for calculating your quality score. So if you have great ads and more people click, Google will give you a higher quality score, which not only gets you more traffic, but gets you a lower cost-per-click. Yes, higher quality scores mean lower costs. That’s why getting a 10/10 quality score is golden. You could rank #1 on Adwords and be getting $5 clicks while your competitor ranks #2 and is paying $6.50 per click. We understand psychology and have years of experience writing ads. So we know what converts, and we know what ads to write. Here are some examples. This campaign has been paused for a couple of days, but you can see the CTR (click through rate) column, our ads are in the range of 7.62%-17.86%. That’s insane. The average CTR on Google search is around 2%.

Google Ads for Dentists


What gets tracked gets improved upon. We track all calls with dynamic call tracking, which basically means that we install a script that swaps out a pool of 10 phone numbers at any given time so that people who click on Google Adwords ads will see different phone numbers. Thus, when they call, we know which keyword drove that call. Then we know what keywords are converting the most and we can focus on those keywords. And just to clarify, any given visitor on your website will only see one phone number. Even if they return later they will see the same number. So you don’t have to worry about new patients getting confused. And for SEO it still uses your main phone number in the code, so Google can index your real phone number, which helps for local SEO.


Many agencies don’t optimize campaigns. They just set them up and let them run. But we like saving you every possible penny so that your ROI (return on investment) is as high as possible. Some of our strategies for optimizing your campaign are:

Day parting – which means we adjust bids during different times of the day when people are more likely to place a call

Mobile optimization – increasing bids for mobile devices – since the probably of them calling on a smartphone is higher

Writing new ads and testing which ones are driving more clicks / conversions

Pausing keywords that aren’t driving conversions

Adding negative keywords – which are keywords that you don’t want to show ads for, like “welfare” or your competitor’s name

Google Ads


Generally, our dentists get a new patient lead every 10-20 clicks and a real conversion for every 25-30 clicks (most dentists who get 30 leads end up converting 10). A lead is anyone that calls or submits a contact form on the website. So if you’re paying $10 per click, and you get 100 clicks, that’s around $1000 and you should get at least 3 new patients. The trick is that those patients are generally very good. If you’re getting emergency, implant, or root canal patients, those are high profit. You should get at least $500 profit per new patient (which is the number we have been seeing). So you would have a positive ROI paying $10 CPC. Now if you’re getting $5 clicks, then your cost just got cut in half, and your ROI just doubled. So overall, Adwords works great, but SEO is the highest ROI possible from internet marketing.


Another important strategy for your Internet marketing campaign is retargeting. Sometimes, people find their way to your website and then leave before taking any sort of action. However, they are not completely lost because you can use retargeting to get them to come back to your site. As they continue to use the Internet, relevant ads for your business are displayed on various websites, which will lead them to clicking the ad and making their way back to your website. You can restrict your content and not target so that you do not oversaturate users who do not want to see your ads.


Social media marketing is now one of the most powerful tools in any Internet marketing arsenal. However, many companies do not use it to its fullest advantage. It takes more than just having a Facebook profile; you must continue to add engaging information to make it beneficial. Furthermore, you can put ads on your social media sites to target the right demographic for your business and get them to click on your ad and end up on your site.

YouTube has become a powerhouse for displaying ads that generate site traffic. Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media sites have unique aspects that can be used to find potential clients and convert them into actual patients.

Social media sites make use of photos and video and are especially useful for cosmetic dentistry Internet marketing.What better way to show off your skills as a cosmetic dentist than with before and after pictures of a patient?


Patients want a practice that will make them feel comfortable and execute high quality work. Most users will look for reviews while searching for a new dentist, so you must have strong, reachable reviews to increase your new patient numbers. Additionally, by having a lot of reviews on various review sites, like Yelp and Google+, your site’s SEO will improve. It is easy to get reviews for your practice online, you just have to ask satisfied customers to go to these sites and write a quick review before they leave your practice or through a follow up email.


Just like reviews, testimonials are important aspects in your Internet marketing strategy. After a patient has visited your practice, you can send a follow up email asking them to write a testimonial. Then, these testimonials can go directly on your own site or find their way to review sites. With positive testimonials about your practice in plain view of potential customers, more will be willing to take action and become a patient.

Testimonials and online reviews are both dental online marketing tricks that you should be using to get your site to rank more highly. They tell the world how great your patients think you are!


Media buying is a targeted approach to advertising online. Through media buying, you get optimal placement and price for your advertising on various media. This type of advertising is targeted toward a select demographic. Through researching the best places to place advertisement for a particular targeted demographic, your links will have more power. Additionally, the money you put out for these links will be better invested because there will be a higher rate of conversion. You can target the people who are most likely searching for a new dentist.


Competitions are another way to bring in new patients. People love the idea of winning something, so having a competition will help them stay on your website longer and possibly act on something they see. You can easily use your social media sites, like Facebook, to have competitions. For example, someone could win a free checkup if their post hits a certain number of likes. The rewards for the competition can be small and not cost your company much. However, in return, you will end up with a high number of potential clients, resulting in a higher rate of return on your investment.

Trust us when we say we can do amazing things for our clients. Don’t waste your money on marketing strategies and methods that aren’t generating new patients. Let us help you see a better ROI and more patients through your door. Let us show you how you can have a top dental website. Give us a chance by simply clicking here for a quick, hassle-free strategy and analysis. We can show you how we can help improve marketing your company without any financial burden.

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what Our

clients are saying

Dentist SEODr. Nathan Dustin,

Here’s the deal about marketing. You have to pay to play, you have to measure and track, and you have to remember that the return on investment comes from a few contacts that are ready. We are trying to create a marketing funnel that filters a large number of “interested people” down to a few that are ready. It turns out that Facebook marketing is a good tool for this. The team at Crawford & O’Brien has put together a campaign for us that combines SEO, PPC, and Facebook. We believe that these are critical components of an online marketing presence. We were recently able to close a large case that came to us from our Facebook marketing. The patient prepaid $36K. I will take that return!

Dentist SEODr. Darren L. Flowers,

I am so happy I chose Crawford & O’Brien to revitalize my old, tired website, SEO and social media. I get compliments all the time from new patients on my branding. I've experienced a 61% increase in patients and a 99% increase in production.

Advertising ClientDr. Mario Pary,

I chose to work with Crawford & O’Brien because they provide amazing results, unlike anything I've seen by a digital marketing agency. I often get over 100 leads in any given month from their marketing efforts.

Advertising ClientDieter Shaefer,

These guys are the best decision I made in my practice. In the last year, they have increased my company's revenues over 81%. I couldn't recommend them more. They do things for me I've never heard of from other agencies.

Dental Advertising ClientDr. Pat Crawford,

Within 1 month, I had a new website, dozens of leads and started showing up on the first page of Google, and I was getting new patients the very first week of using them! Everything they do has a high ROI, and I am now have more money coming in than money spent.