If you’re serious about growing your business and getting more customers, you need to continue reading this case study. This dental case study is applicable to most of our clients even in other industries. The reason is simple. Our systems work.

Client: Pat Crawford DDS

Click here to get a quote. Here’s a quick background on his experiences before he worked with us. He hired a company called Televox that supposedly builds nice websites and gets dentists more new patients. He paid them over $20,000 from 2009-2012. He only got around 10 new patients every year according to Dr. Crawford and his office manager. At a rate of $500 profit per new patient in the short run, Dr. Crawford would have barely broken even on his investment.

Here are some numbers. He was getting charged $300/mo for Televox software that he never used, and he originally paid them over $3,000 for his new website that had 95% duplicate content and stock photos that every other square dentist in town had. Not to mention that the website branded him as a musician, not a dentist, and the main call to action pointed to a Facebook page that wasn’t even complete. There were customers writing on his Facebook page comments like “You need to update this thing every once in a while”. That’s not the type of branding you want.

Then on January 1st, 2013, Dr. Pat Crawford hired a more competent, cutting edge digital marketing agency that focuses on results. You can guess who that was. Here’s what we did to generate him a minimum 500% monthly ROI on his marketing budget.


We transferred the domain name from Televox and built him a clean, high converting website that was optimized for SEO.  We built the site in 2 days and continue to add more content to it every single week. We added over 40 pages of high quality, unique content, and set up all new social media accounts. We optimized his Facebook and Google+ accounts and post relevant content on them every week. A high converting website is key. You can get any amount of traffic, but without a high conversion rate, it’s meaningless. Right now, his average conversion rate is 5%.

We generate about 1000+ clicks per month, so we generate around 20+ new patients every month on average. Some months we hit 30+ new patients and our worst month was 15. Why not 50 new patients since .05 conversion x 1000 is 50? We only count new patients – not every patient that signs up or calls in through our systems. Existing, returning, or friend referral patients don’t count as new online patients from us. And we track everything, so we know who’s new and where they came from.

So at 20 new patients x $500 value of the average new patient = $10,000+ in average revenue in nominal terms. However, after averaging up his actual revenues, it’s higher. Every month he gets a few new patients who he bills anywhere from $2,000-$7,000 because they need a lot of expensive work (like root-canals and implants). Thus, his actual ROI is actually beyond 500%, but we like to be conservative and use low numbers. Thus, we turn roughly $2,500 per month out of his pocket into roughly $15,000 in revenue, which is a 500% ROI.


Next, we launched a high level regular SEO campaign. Within 2 weeks, he was on the first page of Google. Not bad. He was paying us $500 per month to start. Then in March, we upped it to $1000 because we decreased his PPC cost from $1500 per month to $750 per month for more targeted traffic (more on that later). We needed $1000 per month because that was our original quote (we started low to show him that we could provide results). Not to mention that we were competing against big conglomerates and dental clinics with 10 locations within the same state. Here are a few of his competitors that we are beating out:

Dental Associates

Aspen Dental

Maritato Dental (smaller local competitor)



Yes, there is a difference between local SEO and regular SEO. Local SEO is very powerful. Google usually displays the local results first for any keyword searches that are local results. For example, if you type in “best dentist in Kenosha” on your smartphone or iPad, you will notice that Google displays the local results over the regular organic results. The image below explains the difference between Adwords, local SEO and regular SEO pretty well.

Local SEO Packages
Google Listing Local SEO
Google Listing Local SEO

Notice how the local results were displayed higher up than desktop results. One more reason to stress the importance of local SEO. And just to clarify, he had none of these rankings before we took over.


Website Traffic

We launched a successful Google Adwords Campaign. For those of you unfamiliar, Google Adwords is the biggest CPC (cost-per-click) network in the world. Basically, you run ads and pay only when someone clicks on your ad. Before us, Pat Crawford DDS hired YellowPages to run his CPC. They were costing him $1500 per month. Yellowpages and other big CPC companies tend to charge 30% management fees. So if you spend $1000 on Adwords, you pay them $300 for managing your account. Not only did we decrease his Adwords cost by 35%, we decreased his CPC from $6.50 per click to $4 per click.

With the extra savings, we upped his SEO spend and we starting doing Youtube Ads…which converted with a positive ROI. So now he gets more traffic from Adwords and is dominating Youtube. Plus, we only charge a 20% management fee, and we also offer profit sharing. So depending on the client, we would charge just a small % of their net profit (anywhere from 5%-25%) instead of charging a management fee. That’s not very common in the PPC world because many companies don’t provide positive results and aren’t willing to risk not getting paid. We like getting paid only when we provide results.

Lets look at some of the traffic sources for Pat Crawford DDS. He gets about 35 clicks per day to his website, and the majority of his traffic is from SEO – which is the goal since it’s free clicks.

Website Traffic


We are seeing returns in excess of 10,000% on our retargeting campaigns. For Pat Crawford DDS we spend $30 on Facebook retargeting and got him 2 new patients! Let me define retargeting (most people don’t know what this is).

  • Someone comes to your website
  • A cookie is placed on their browser
  • Wherever they go online relevant ads are displayed to them on popular websites
  • They click the ads and come back to your website.

Retargeting is one of the most powerful internet marketing methods in existence. You can bring people who leave your site back to your site. And we can do frequency capping and un-targeting so we don’t show ads to people who don’t want to see them. This is one of the biggest and best strategies in existence and almost no companies are applying it properly. Retargeting could instantly get pretty much any business positive results within 30 days if it’s set up properly.


We dominated Youtube and launched Facebook Ads. Youtube was acquired by Google in 2006, and it’s pretty easy to rank Youtube videos in Google when the person uploading it knows SEO. Not to mention that Youtube is the second biggest search engine in the world.  Remember I mentioned that we did Youtube Ads? We get .01-.20 views. Imagine getting .01 Youtube views because your business is in a very small niche. That’s powerful. Not only that, but there’s video retargeting and Youtube ads that lead to your website. That’s powerful.

Facebook ads are also very powerful. You can target moms in-between the age of 45-55 who like wine, who live within 5 miles, who have 2 kids, who haven’t liked your page yet, etc. When you target ads properly and have ads that stand out, they tend to convert with a positive ROi. It’s all about targeting the right audience and showing them something they want/need.


Social proof is one of the best ways to get more customers. Whenever you provide quality work for someone, ask for a testimonial. Not only can you put that on your website, but you can ask satisfied customers for reviews on Google+, Yelp etc. Getting reviews on those websites is one of the biggest ranking factors for increasing those directory listings. Around 5 tends to bet the number of reviews that really starts to increase your rank on Google+.

We actually started using this high level software over the summer, and it worked. How? It uses real Google accounts in the location / city of the client. It’s pretty amazing, and we can’t reveal the name of the software, but it works. Check out some of the reviews we have generated him.


But you can create automated systems for asking customers. For example, you should be sending a follow-up email to every patient that comes in for an appointment. In that email you can thank them for coming in and ask them to leave reviews. Give them links to click on, and ask for testimonials and referrals. If you’re not already doing this, you’ll be surprised at how well this works.

Most serious business owners understand the power of delegating certain jobs to people more skilled in that area of expertise. The same holds true for internet marketing. If you’re serious about getting more leads from online marketing, then click below to get a quote.

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what Our

clients are saying

Dentist SEODr. Nathan Dustin,

Here’s the deal about marketing. You have to pay to play, you have to measure and track, and you have to remember that the return on investment comes from a few contacts that are ready. We are trying to create a marketing funnel that filters a large number of “interested people” down to a few that are ready. It turns out that Facebook marketing is a good tool for this. The team at Crawford & O’Brien has put together a campaign for us that combines SEO, PPC, and Facebook. We believe that these are critical components of an online marketing presence. We were recently able to close a large case that came to us from our Facebook marketing. The patient prepaid $36K. I will take that return!

Dentist SEODr. Darren L. Flowers,

I am so happy I chose Crawford & O’Brien to revitalize my old, tired website, SEO and social media. I get compliments all the time from new patients on my branding. I've experienced a 61% increase in patients and a 99% increase in production.

Advertising ClientDr. Mario Pary,

I chose to work with Crawford & O’Brien because they provide amazing results, unlike anything I've seen by a digital marketing agency. I often get over 100 leads in any given month from their marketing efforts.

Advertising ClientDieter Shaefer,

These guys are the best decision I made in my practice. In the last year, they have increased my company's revenues over 81%. I couldn't recommend them more. They do things for me I've never heard of from other agencies.

Dental Advertising ClientDr. Pat Crawford,

Within 1 month, I had a new website, dozens of leads and started showing up on the first page of Google, and I was getting new patients the very first week of using them! Everything they do has a high ROI, and I am now have more money coming in than money spent.