Deciding on an online marketing agency is something you should not take lightly. Every year more and more agencies crop up making promises they can’t keep. Don’t let these would-be experts fool you. You need a digital marketing agency with direct experience in the dental marketing industry, a clear value proposition and the ability to get you the best online presence possible. You need Crawford and O’Brien.


Search engine optimization is the only way to take your website to the next level. This quality marketing tactic spreads your name as far as possible, moves you up the results ladder and through quality distribution allows you to see real growth. Consider these stats:

  • 97 percent of customers research online before buying something
  • 70 percent of search engine traffic goes to the top three organic results
  • 92 percent of customers contact a business immediately after searching

In SEO, the quality of content is important, but so is how and where it is presented. The top five ranking factors for Google are: user signals, shares on Google + and Facebook, backlinks, on page technical information, and page content. When a new dental office becomes our client, we increase SEO for it and bring in thousands of dollars in additional revenue.


For the average SEO campaign, we deliver a 7-to-1 ROI. You give us $1,000, and we make you $7,000 in revenue; and this is just in the short term. Imagine the increase if you retain these new patients for years to come! We get results. Certainly there are other online marketing companies out there who charge less, but you would get less. It is that simple.

At Crawford and O’Brien, we are all about value not price. If you want to buy some well-scripted pitch on $499/month SEO with the promise that “we’ll do it all,” RUN! Do you really think writing by copywriters to get great backlinks alone is possible at this level of investment? This is like charging $500 for several dental implants, something you would never do!

The same goes for SEO. When it comes to creating and managing online content it simply takes a higher budget to do what is necessary. With the right investment, we can position your practice online and start attracting new patients right away.


If you do find another agency that costs less, take a moment and seriously question the results you would get in the end. At Crawford and O’Brien, we don’t have bogus-timed contracts, but the majority of other agencies do. In fact, we don’t believe in contracts. We want to earn your money every month, which is why we have a simple agreement that basically says you will pay us monthly, and we will deliver results.

So take a closer look at our services and if you feel someone has a better offer, talk to us! We want to learn as much about the competition as possible, like the offers and promises they give. As a practice owner, you SHOULD be getting more than one proposal and quote. But keep in mind, we advocate this with no fear. Why? Because all the serious dentists, who are looking to grow their practices and boost revenues, time and time again say no to many other competitors to come with us. As a result, they are very happy with the new patients they receive and their decision to work with us.

If you want to see increased revenues, then Crawford and O’Brien is the best decision you can make this year. With our five step processes, we can get you everywhere online and double your new customers in six months or fewer.