Why Social Media Management is Crucial for Dentists

Why Social Media Management is Crucial for Dentists

If you own a dental practice you may wonder why you need social media and why it’s even important for your business. The truth is not having a well-maintained social media presence can hurt your practice more than you think.

These days people turn to social media for everything…reviews, crowdsourcing, recommendations, you name it. While all social media platforms are important, many people turn to Facebook for many things. It’s where they are connecting with family and friends, so let them connect with you there as well. Here they can find everything they need…including ads from your practice.

These are just a couple of reasons why Social Media Management for Dentists and social media advertising for dentists is crucial:

  • Allows people to get to know your practice. Where are you located? What are people saying about your services? How long have you been in business? All of these questions and more can be answered by experienced social media management and social media advertising done by the team at Crawford and O’Brien. We specialize in letting people know what makes your practice stand out from the rest.


  • Reaching more people than ever. With more than 100 billion Facebook users, why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to promote your practice in such a large venue? The number of perspective patients is mind-blowing!


  • Conversion rates. Results of a well-thought out social media management platform for dentists can be seen in conversion rates. The goal is to drive more people to your site and ultimately your office. At Crawford and O’Brien, we track conversion rates to make sure our strategy is working for you.


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