Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Crawford and O’Brien?

We actually get results and focus on ROI. On price, we beat out at least 1/2 of our competition – and if you can find someone cheaper, you should seriously question the results you would get.

We only focus on dentists. We have a few other clients, like restaurants, real estate, tech startups, and more, but we focus on helping dentists as our target market, and we have a lot of experience with dentists. Thus, we are specialists in dental marketing.

We don’t have bogus timed contracts. You’d be surprised at how many SEO companies do. We don’t believe in contracts. We want to earn your money every month. We just have a simple agreement that basically says that you’ll pay us, and we’ll deliver results.

We can actually guarantee that we will send you enough leads every month that if your front desk gets them in the office, you will have a positive ROI (after a 6 month minimum period so we have time to build up results).

We don’t sleep unless our clients are getting results, and that’s all we care about.

We have experience and proven results. Just Google “dentist in kenosha” or “shreveport dentist” for example. We have only been doing SEO for Shreveport dentist for 6 months, and he hit the first page within 60 days of starting with us. http://shreveportdentist.com is his website, and he’s getting over 40+ leads per month and about 45% become patients. He’s a very happy man.


Crawford and O’Brien is a digital marketing agency for dentists that is disrupting the dental marketing industry. Besides being 2 years ahead of competitors and offering services most dentists and marketers have never heard of (like SBO), Crawford and O’Brien is known most for doing amazing SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns as well as other digital marketing services like web development, conversion optimization, lead generation, and consulting for dentists.