Top 9 Dental Podcasts To Try

Top 9 Dental Podcasts To Try

There are a lot of amazing podcast on dental topics. They cover almost everything from performing dental procedures to running your dental clinic. Listening to these podcasts is a nice way to keep in touch with what is happening around the world in the field of dentistry.

There are a number of podcasts out there, some discussing about specifics of dentistry and some covering the industry as a whole. Given below are ten such podcasts that have left a mark and are worth listening to.


DentalHacks podcast takes an informative and irreverent look every week at the dental world. The podcasts covers experts in the field, including dentists and dental marketing experts. You will also hear from Brain Trust from DentalHacks, a panel of the funniest and sharpest dentists you’ve ever heard, talking about some of the most relevant things. The panel consists of half a dozen experts that also answer listeners’ questions on a regular basis.


The show, available on iTunes for free, is hosted by Dr. Mark Costes, and covers topics that are mainly related to covering the entrepreneurial aspect of the profession. The podast’s main website contains regular updates and overview of each podcast. Dr. Mark has years of experience in the field and he sits down with other experts to discuss the problems dentists fact in marketing their business and how to solve them.

The Thriving Dentist Show with Gary Takacs

This is one of the oldest podcasts out there and has been going strong for about half a decade. Hosted by Garry Tacas, this answers questions related to professional and financial aspects of dentistry. The podcasts, available for free on iTunes, is usually a weekly show that is famous not only for the host’s wealth of knowledge but also his casual and fun style.

The Passionate Dentist Podcast

Dr. Bilal Saib also known as Dr. B, who is a practicing dentist, hosts this podcast.  This sure is a John Lee Dumas of dental podcasts!  Dr. Bilal or Dr. B is using the same format as the podcast focuses on your passion for dentistry, he keeps the answers short and relevant, uses inspirational quotes, fills it with a heavy and quick questions round, and all this together makes a complete podcast. He interviews experts from all around the world to bring you different opinions.

The Relentless Dentist Show

This show launches the dentist to an epic world beyond their excuses. Actionable and inspiration content for people in the dentistry world are podcasted here. One of the main reasons why this podcast has found such massive acceptance is the fact that it is updated almost every day. Here nobody technically plays the host, and you get to listen to a different view every time.

ADA Science Podcast

Dr. Robert Weyant, a PhD,  is the host of the this podcast. He is one of the most well-known names in the industry and brings a lot to the table. He acts as the Chairman of the Department Of Dental Public Health and Information Management at the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, and is also one of the members of the Scientific Affairs, ADA Council. The show features guests from around the world and most of the topics revolve around science and dentistry.

Dental Cowboy Podcast

Dr. Jonathan Penchas, who is also known as the dental implant cowboy, is a Houston dentist who is an expert in the field of dental implants. You can get an insight into his knowledge by listening to his podcast that is available on iTunes for free. Founder of and an author, he lets you in on the information nobody talks about.

Talking Dentistry By PodcastingWorx

The show Talking Dentistry hosted by Dave Goldberg is one of the best podcast series, which covers some of the best topics that are related to the dental industry. Guests on this show include some of the best minds in the dental world. The topics include periodontics, implants, oral health, maxillofacial surgery, cosmetic dentistry, prosthodontics, endodontics, alternative therapies, paediatric dentistry, sedation, and much more.

Dr. Marvin’s Let’s Talk Dentistry

The show is hosted by Dr. Irineo Marvin Pantangco, also known as Dr. Marvin. He is known for his  holistic ways and also his passion to introduce natural ways of treatment in the world of dentistry. If you are looking to know more about ‘natural ways’ of treating dental issues, he is your go-to guy.

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