The Vital Basics of SEO

The Vital Basics of SEO

Search Engine Optimization

You may have heard the term before. Search engine optimization is something that has gained velocity even amongst those who aren’t very internet-savvy. Why all of the buzz, though? What can search engine optimization do for your business…?

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a strategy that allows you to get your web site in front of more of your target market, therefore increasing the amount of ‘lookers’ and ‘visitors’ to your company page.

The concept of search engine optimization is simple. The higher your web site is listed on Google when someone searches for a term, the more likely it is that they will click on it. Each visitor is a potential conversion so you want to do everything you can to ensure that you are getting as many visitors as possible for the search terms that will be profitable for your business.

If you aren’t doing anything to compete with the other businesses that are listed towards the top, then you are forfeiting the ‘authority’ position to your competition. More people are going to refer their friends and family to that company and those who are searching for a company to do business with are going to find them first.

Search engine optimization is very important today because of the vast amount of people who use the internet to look for companies to do business with and purchase products/services from.

Search Engine Optimization Interesting Facts

  • Content distribution has grown 2000% in the past 5 years. If you can find a way to engage your target market, then you may find your article being shared across social media applications and getting in front of hundreds of potential prospects’ eyes.
  • 80% of the time, users click on organic listings and skip the advertisements.
  • When a consumer is exposed to a brand on social media, the chances of them clicking and seeing what the brand has to offer nearly doubles if they see the link somewhere else.
  • When clicking on an organic search listing, prospects are turned into conversions 15x more often than one who opens a direct mail advertisement.

Our Plan for Your Business

It is likely that you haven’t put much effort into optimizing your company’s web site for the search engine. If you would like to see your company grow and reach more target prospects, then you are going to have to put some time and effort into your internet marketing strategy.

Our company focuses on building your brand by ensuring that your brand’s image and message is delivered to as much of your target market as possible, for less than the cost of a phone book ad.

Without a plan, your business will never take off and win customers from your competition.


Strategizing is the first step that our company takes to start working on your brand image. During this stage, we conduct extensive research and do an in-depth analysis of how your business is currently being portrayed on the internet.

To determine how you are doing competitively, we compare the strengths and weaknesses of your web presence to your close competitors.

After we assess the current situation of your company’s internet presence, we conduct the proper research to look at what type of keywords people are typing in to find companies in your niche. Once we have an idea of which keywords they are searching for, we can get a pretty good idea of how many potential prospects you are losing to your competition.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization

After we strategize and have a new plan to follow, we can start working on what your prospects will see when they visit your web site. You want to focus on delivering content or information that the visitor is searching for as efficiently and quickly as possible.

Sometimes, different keywords will call for different types of ‘information’ to be delivered to your prospects. Part of our strategy is to modify and add multiple landing pages to represent your brand and deliver the proper content or information to the prospect who finds your web site.

Someone who searches “how to cook eggs” wants to find information about cooking legs (probably in article or how-to format), whereas someone who searches “breakfast in Chicago, il” is looking for specific information.

Our strategy starts by grabbing the prospect and hooking them in by giving them the information that they are looking for right off the bat, and slowly taking them through the conversion process to become a paying customer.

Off-Page Search Engine Optimization

Once we are comfortable with how your brand is being represented on its home page, we are able to start focusing on finding other places that we can list the site and potentially grab some traffic.

The more places your web site is listed around the web, the more ‘important’ it looks to the search engines. This strategy, called link building, is very common amongst search engine optimizers.

Off page search engine optimization usually consists of working on your brand’s social media presence as well as looking for other web sites where people may be searching for brands similar to yours to do business with. A great place to list your company is on Google Places if you are looking for local prospects.

Brand Reputation Management on the Search Engines

We want to make sure that when someone looks up your company on the internet, they find nothing but rave reviews and multiple reasons why your company is the best in the entire area. Part of our strategy is to work on a plan to get more of your customers talking about your business and referring their friends and family. Companies with a lot of positive reviews and good buzz on the social networks are generally seen as authority brands and most people would be happy to do business with them.

In Conclusion

If you are serious about your brand, and want to increase your sales, you are going to have to start doing something to find more ‘lookers’ to convert into buyers. Our company has a great track record of past successes in helping entrepreneurs and business owners manage their brand’s reputation across the web in order to find and convert more prospects. SEO is something that every serious entrepreneur should outsource…to a high level firm. Don’t hire some company from India that will probably hurt your rankings, not help them. Get a quote to discover how we can help grow your business.

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