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Social Media Services

Facebook Advertising

If there’s one social media platform you should already own as a dental professional, it is Facebook. Using social media to advertise could be the next big step for your practice. Facebook is more than just a way to connect with existing patients; it’s a social platform where you can form social ads that make your social media presence more likely to connect with potential new patients and result in new appointments being made.

With over 100 billion Facebook users, Facebook advertising for dentists is a proven platform as it helps renowned dentist to reach out to their target audience on their newsfeed. This is done by analyzing the behaviors and interests of the audience, thereby driving new leads and a lot of exposure to the dentist.

So what makes a great Facebook ad?

  1. Business Information: You can count on us to input all of your correct business information.
  2. Text: This is the copy that will be displayed above your image and is usually limited by Ads Manager to 25 characters – At Crawford O’Brien; we always provide a brief, eye-catching text that always ends with a “call-to-action” or open ended statement.
  3. Image: We always provide top-quality, professional photography to use for our Facebook advertisements, while providing the correct size image for the ad type and placement.
  4. Headline: Research shows that the most popular Facebook Ad headline length is just 4-5 words. This text needs to be simple and to the point; using texts like “Smile Confidently Today” or “Root Canal Treatments” should do the trick.
  5. Call-to-Action: Facebook offers you a variety of Call To Action (CTAs) options, but we generally suggest using the “Learn More,” which directs the person to your website.

How will I get more patients through Facebook ads?

  1. Customized Ads: The ads that the target audience sees on Facebook is completely customized based on the services you as a dentist provide combined with the needs of the audience. For instance, if you are offering a special discount on a kind of dental treatment, we create ads which showcase the discount and how it can benefit your audience. We also a call-to-action button in the ad itself to increase responses while tracking the conversion rates as well.
  2. Location and Time: Based on your location, Facebook will target those users who reside in the same area as yours thereby trying to get local customers at your doorstep. We will schedule your campaigns on specific times and days where Facebook users are most active therefore will attract more patients.
  3. Research Work: All of our Facebook advertisements are so well researched that we know what kind of an ad will help obtain a good conversion rate while also leaving a lasting impression on the audience. The target audiences that we choose are the ones with similar interests and are well researched upon. For example, if a user has been researching on dental care tips or searching on information related to dental issues then the will surely be able to view your ads.
  4. Conversion Rates: We keep a continuous track of the conversion rates and ensure that it remains high. We understand that an advertisement is ineffective if it does not push the target audience to visit you and make an appointment. We also take into consideration the number of calls made, number of leads acquired and total clients visiting your office with every ad put up on Facebook.

Facebook advertising have proven to be an effective part of social media for dentists

and can allow you the opportunity to reach new and existing patients at the same time. For more information on our services and how you’d like to get started, please give us a call at (844) 492-8245.


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