Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

Plastic Surgery Marketing Ideas

Today more than ever, it’s important to have a strong online presence.  That is why effectively marketing your plastic surgery practice is one of the keys to building a strong identity and positive reputation in your community. Crawford and O’Brien can help you successfully manage your online reputation so that you can maintain your current relationships, as well as attract new patients. Our agency will help you build credibility by establishing your practice as an expert in your area of specialization.

A Well-Designed Website

Your practice’s website is a major component and at the center of your online marketing strategy. Crawford and O’Brien will help you establish trust with both your current and future patients by creating a high converting website that is both well-designed and content-rich.  The content for your website will be reader-friendly and geared towards providing your patients with a conversational and educational experience. Engaging content and certain features help bring patients to your practice through your website.

Creating an Effective SEO Strategy

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important for your plastic surgery practice’s website because when used properly, it will attract and convert new patients, who are searching for your services in their area, thus resulting in new business. Keywords are crucial for a successful SEO strategy.  At Crawford and O’Brien, we only use effective and relevant keywords based on your areas of specialization. The content on your website will directly relate to the keywords, so people get all the necessary information they are looking for. Along with keyword optimization, other strategies for successful SEO, include infographic campaigns, internal linking, guest blogging, etc. Crawford and O’Brien uses effective SEO techniques that help you build your list of patients.

Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy

Social media can be a powerful tool for your plastic surgery practice. With our expertise at Crawford and O’Brien, we will create a successful social media strategy, specifically tailored to your practice. The social media strategy will include frequent posting of useful (not sales-driven) content, that are meant to educate people about plastic surgery, engage users in discussions and answer basic questions.

Facebook is a great social media platform to utilize because it allows you to connect and engage with patients. It is important to keep patients informed of any news regarding your practice. For example, it could be information on a new service/procedure available or the opening of a new location.  Engaging people is important when using social media, therefore also including relevant articles, such as the best way to recover from surgery. It is also important to realize, that whatever you post to social media, becomes public record. Our social media strategy will include posting appropriate content that will only enhance your online presence and reputation.

Patient Feedback/Testimonials

A great marketing tool is getting testimonials from current patients. Patients who are satisfied are typically willing to be vocal about their positive experiences associated with your practice. Some ideas may be to ask patients to appear on a video for your website or write a testimonial for your practice’s website. This will help prospective patients during their own decision-making process, as they will listen to and consider feedback from former patients. Also, word of mouth advertising will never be dead.

Writing a Blog and Video Marketing

Having a blog for your plastic surgery practice is another excellent way to increase your website’s ranking on internet searches. With our extensive knowledge, Crawford and O’Brien will help you create an informative blog that is updated regularly. However, the content of your blog should never act as a sales pitch.

Using videos as part of your marketing strategy is beneficial because it is another way to showcase before and after pictures, explain surgical procedures and techniques and also another way to include patient testimonials. Crawford and O’Brien’s extensive digital marketing knowledge will produce high-quality videos that will drive more traffic to your website.

Traditional Marketing

While having an online marketing strategy is important, having a traditional marketing strategy for your practice is also beneficial. Our agency will create a traditional marketing strategy that will coincide with the digital marketing strategy. A traditional marketing strategy may include the following, brochures, printed materials, publications and press releases. Traditional marketing will also help drive traffic to your practice’s website.


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