How to Market Your Dental Practice Online This New Year!

How to Market Your Dental Practice Online This New Year!

This new year has started with a bang. With so many things going on such as cryptocurrency popping up here and there and different business as well, today is a great year for improvement. If you have a dental business and have been struggling in the past year to gain more sales, than now is the time for you to step up, learn something new and help your dental business grow more this year. That is why today, we will be showing you how to market your dental practice online this new year. So, with that, read on, grow your business this year and enjoy!

Marketing For Dentist:

Building Your Customer Profile: Who Do You Target?

When you have any kind of business in today’s world and today’s market, you need to have a proper customer profile. Likewise, you need have a dental marketing strategy with a clear depiction of the type of patients you want for your business. Are you going to be an expensive dental office who caters only to the wealthy or a cheap dental office that caters to families? If the latter, than your target market will probably be middle-class families or the elderly who do not make much money.

If the first, than is your income going to come from mainly your cosmetic surgery services with your patients being middle to the upper-class. That being the case, your target market will most likely be doctors, lawyers, executives and professionals. If you don’t have this figured out yet, than you are simply hurting yourself and your business. This is a crucial part of marketing your practice. And once it is accomplished, the next part would be to create and design your patient profile in a way that will appeal to your target market.

Your Online Presence is Key!

Although not many older dentists know this, having an online presence in today’s world is something that is a must. Without it your business will fail miserably, or you will just lose business over time until you have no patients at all. So, in order to bring your online presence to a good place, you need to start with the basics such as your website, search engine optimization(SEO) and finally your social media profile such as facebook, twitter and instagram. Without these, your business won’t get the necessary reach in order to bring you more patients.


In conclusion, know that if your marketing for dentist practices does not have any of the things we mentioned, it might be a good idea to hire someone like Crawford & O’Brien, who knows what it takes to bring you more patients this new year. If you think your dental business needs help and want to know more about what they do, than visit their services page to learn more.

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