How to Leverage Pinterest to Drive More Traffic Than Youtube, LinkedIn, & Google+ Combined

How to Leverage Pinterest to Drive More Traffic Than Youtube, LinkedIn, & Google+ Combined

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Facebook. Twitter. YouTube. LinkedIn. Many businesses use social media as a marketing tool. What a lot of them don’t realize, though, is just how effective one of the newer social media platforms can be for their business. Pinterest is growing in popularity by day. Started in 2010, Pinterest now has close to 49 million users across the globe, according to comScore.

Overall, traffic is greater on Pinterest than Youtube, LinkedIn, and Google+ put together. Furthermore, more than 50% of people prefer Pinterest over sites like Facebook to follow things that they like. Pinterest is also considered trustworthy, with over 80% of online customers trusting recommendations from the site. The goal of the heat-map above is just to show you that the top left (first board) gets the most views. Thus have the most important pins on the top left of your account.

Who’s on Pinterest?

Studies show that people who are on Pinterest are often there to shop. Typically, people pin up boards of wish lists or things that they purchased that they wanted. Almost a quarter of Pinterest users will purchase an item after seeing it on the site. And businesses are taking advantage of this, since many use it for marketing purposes.

More than 100 different brands have online marketing on Pinterest. From Pillsbury to Vogue Magazine, Pinterest users can follow anything they like. Most Pinterest users follow an average of nine retailers. That’s even more than twitter or Facebook. Pinterest users are also about 10% more likely to actually buy something than a user on a different social media site.

The Power of Repinning

Repinning is the act of “posting” something that you found on someone else’s Pinterest board to your own. Once you do this, you can make comments and organize your “pins” to sort of resemble a cork board. Most of the images you see on Pinterest are these sorts of repins. The nice thing is that you can then add comments on what you’ve repinned, thus giving a review of the product that others can see. Remember to include your links in comments on pins so you can drive traffic back to your site. Don’t spam, but recognize when to place your link at the right time.

Popular topics

A list of the seven most popular topics that Pinterest had last year include:

  • Illustration and Illustrated Art
  • Food
  • DIY / Arts and Crafts
  • Fashion
  • Photography
  • Interior Design
  • Humor

The Power of Hashtags

To filter through these topics, you can use hashtags. Hashtags are basically the number symbol in front of a word. For example, #Food will bring up all the tweets and/or pins that have that particular hashtag. This is a way that you can filter your interests. If you’re using this sort of thing for marketing, it’s important to keep up with the trends.

Hashtags are a big deal. Programmatic ad networks like Radium One use hashtags as a big component of analyzing big data to determine buying habits and what people like. Imagine being able to market to people based off their hashtags. Not only that, but hashtags exist on other social networks like Google+ and Facebook…I hope you’re starting to see the power of hashtags. You can search on hashtag aggregators like tagboard to get big picture ideas on what people are searching for.

Scheduling Posts allows you to schedule posts by hashtag. That way, when you are browsing the ranked hashtags, you can put your own products in when they most likely will be seen. Make sure that when you are pinning your product that you explain it and link to your website. Even if someone enjoys what they see, they need information to actually make a purchase.

Cool Pinterest Tool

One of my favorite Pinterest tools is Pinstamatic. They allow you to create cool looking sticky notes, quotes, website snapshots etc. And it’s free. Go check it out.

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Marketing with Pinterest

To start marketing on Pinterest, you can convert a personal account into a business one. If you already use your personal account, you can set up a new one specifically for your business. After that, it’s all in how you organize and display content. Make sure that you are clear and concise in your language as you are discussing your products and brand. Pairing that up with good images will improve the odds that your content will be repinned.

As mentioned above, it’s very important to link to your site. By using hashtags, you will ensure that your posts come up in those specific searches. This will get you guaranteed viewers, provided you are using popular hashtags. When you are arranging your content, make sure that each board is cohesive. Keep track of hashtag traffic and adjust your approaches as needed.

Check out this cool InfoGraphic I have made on fiverr – about Pinterest Marketing.

Pinterest Marketing Tools.

Take action now, and go create a Pinterest account and start pinning great content. Remember, you can always outsource this to someone or a firm. That’s what I would recommend. You can always add certain pins here and there when you have time, but you don’t want to spend 20 hours per week on Pinterest. And trust me, it’s tempting.

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