How to Benefit from Call Tracking Even While You’re Away

How to Benefit from Call Tracking Even While You’re Away

Every self-respecting dentist in today’s day and age invests in a variety of different dental marketing strategies. Depending on what you’re used to and what marketing strategies work for your dental office, you could be spending your designated marketing funds for anything from billboard space to paper postcards to social media posts.

Chances are great, your dental marketing plan is at least successful enough to sustain your practice. But what if you could tell with 100 percent certainty what investments are working and what ones need adjusting? What if you could tell exactly which types of marketing attract new patients? Crawford and O’Brien LLC, a leading dental marketing company has a low-cost, high-returns solution that could revolutionize your marketing with only minimal effort on your part.

Dental Marketing and Call Tracking

The answer is, of course, call tracking. By using calling tracking,  you can find out which source of marketing has attracted the most patients to your dental practice. By analyzing the trends over a period of time, you can slowly narrow down your most successful dental marketing strategies and apportion your marketing funds appropriately.

You might be thinking, then, how does this work? The answer is actually surprising simple. You “track” the calls potential patients make back to their original source. This is done by creating several different phone numbers that all lead to your dental office’s main phone line. Each phone number is posted on a different location. For example, your blog posts might have the number (111) 111-1111 and your billboards might list your phone number as (111) 111-2222. By observing how often each phone number is used, you can determine which strategies were most successful and adjust your dental marketing accordingly.

But wouldn’t a preponderance of phone numbers be difficult to process? Perhaps surprisingly, dentists who use call tracking have found the process to be very simple. Because you can set up a system in which each phone number redirects automatically to your dental practice’s main line, the practical aspects are very easily taken care of with only minimal effort on your part. In fact, you don’t even have to be actively recording the source of each call to get your statistics. The call tracking system (or the SEO company that monitors it) does that automatically, with zero effort needed on your part.

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But What about Google Analytics?

If you’re a very “new age” dentist, you might be noticing the similarities between call tracking and Google Analytics, an online resource that functions nearly the same. Since Google Analytics is both reliable and (perhaps more importantly) a free resource, why invest in call tracking?

There are two main reasons to try both systems. First, Google Analytics only works for online submissions and for websites. You can’t really use Google Analytics to judge the efficacy of your low-tech solutions, which always should make up part of your dental marketing strategy. Furthermore, Google Analytics only works for online forms. You only can get data from patients who choose to make an appointment via the Internet, not ones who call your dental office first and foremost.

To invest in call tracking or learn about both call tracking and Google Analytics, make sure to contact the best dental marketing agency, Crawford and O’Brien, by calling the office at  (844) 243-9808 or by visiting their website at


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