How Do We Track Results?

How Do We Track Results?

How Do We Track Results?

We use dynamic call tracking. This means that phone numbers swap out for different users depending on where they are coming from. For example, if someone clicks the Google Ad, they will see a different phone number than someone who found your website through Yelp. Our call tracking can also tell the difference between Google Adwords, organic SEO, local SEO, and any other traffic source. This is powerful. That’s how we know what patients are leads that we generated. Plus, our call tracking records the call – so we listen to every single phone recording to determine whether or not the patient we generated came from our marketing efforts or if it’s a patient that was referred by a friend.

Not only that, but dynamic call tracking can actually know what keyword someone typed into Google before they made the call. That’s insane. Now we can know what keywords truly produce the most revenue. Dynamic call tracking is simply the best method of tracking. Any agencies that don’t use call tracking aren’t high level. How else would you know who came from Google organic vs Google local vs Google Adwords? You wouldn’t because most of the times when you ask a patient “how did you hear about us” they will simply say Google…but that’s too vague. We know exactly where they came from, when they called, what their name was, what their number was, a call recording, and the keywords they searched.

We also use Google analytics and will send you traffic reports every month so you can know how many clicks you’re getting and what the traffic sources were. And if we build your new website, we can track conversions of leads who submit a contact form on the website. Plus, you’ll be able to see your traffic increasing every month as your SEO rankings increase every month.

At the end of the month we will send you a list of all the leads / calls / opt-ins we generated you. Then your front desk can look up each patient to determine which ones came in and produced revenue. Then you can tell us that number. Then we can both know what your ROI is.

We love tracking everything because we want to make sure that you’re making more money than you’re investing. It’s that simple.


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