Free Dental Marketing Report

Free Dental Marketing Report

Genius College Student Gets His Father’s Dental Practice 10+ New Patients Per Month With These 5 Simple Tricks

This free dental marketing report reveals how a college student applied a few successful marketing strategies to generate his father’s dental practice 10+ new patients per month. The funny thing is that over 95% of dentists aren’t applying all of these strategies. And the top 5% that do are consistently the big names in town that are always full of new patients. The following is a preview of part of the report.


1 Simple Trick to Double Your Click-Through-Rate (CTR) and Increase Traffic

5 Star Review Schema

Imaging having 5 stars showing under your website in search results. It’s possible. We’ve been doing this strategy for years, and it’s proven and effective. We can install code on your website that tells Google to put 5 stars under your website in search results, and it’s as simple as that. The benefit is that new patients can see the stars and are more likely to click on you vs competitors. This in turn actually increases your SEO value to Google since one of the metrics Google tracks is click through rate (CTR). Thus, you’re getting better branding, more traffic, and higher rankings with the 5 star review schema. This is all included on our SEO services.


To summarize the search engine marketing, you should be on the top of Google Adwords (in most cases), Regular & Local SERPs. Here’s a picture that perfectly describes what this would look like if you have all three positions. Notice is perfectly positioned in all three, Adwords, Organic, and Local. What’s funny is that he actually has 4 pieces of real estate, not just 3 for this specific keyword.



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How to Get More Google+ Reviews than Your Competitors

Wouldn’t you like to catch up to the big dental clinics in town that have like 20+ reviews so you can rank higher in local results? It’s possible. Reviews are only about 1/4 of what determines local rankings. 1/4  is correct business information and categories. 1/4 is the number of directory citations. 1/4 is NAP consistency among those directory citations.

Pat Crawford DDS Reviews


The Stumbleupon Ads + Link Bait Hack to Rank Higher on Google

This trick will blow your mind. Let me guess. You probably don’t really know what Stumbleupon is or what link bait is right? If you do, great, but have those made you money in the last 6 months?

Here’s one of the best internet marketing / SEO tricks in existence. This is the stuff that actually work…not “we will get you into a few directories and do 1 or 2 press releases”.

Top 100 Blogs IconHere it is. Write a blog post called “The Top 100 Dentist Blogs in Wisconsin” – or “The Top 100 Orthodontist Blogs in the Midwest” – or the “Top 50 (your niche) Blogs”. Then compile the list of blogs that are actually really good and worth getting a link back from. That’s the end goal of this method – to get as many of those sites as possible to link to your website. Ideally your SEO guys are already doing this so you don’t have to waste your time. But they probably aren’t…so let’s continue.

Next, you pay a designer to create a cool looking badge that says Top 100 Dental Blogs or something like that.

Then you have your SEO guys email the 100 blogs. Basically the email will be telling them, “You are featured in the top 100 blogs in this blog post – here’s a sexy badge to put on your website so prospective new patients are more impressed with your credentials”. Then in the email, you give them the code so all they have to do is put code on their site and it displays the badge with a link embedded in the code. This link leads to your website. And that is the goal. To get blog owners to install this badge – and even better…give you a contextual link in either a resources page or in a blog post. A contextual link is just a link in the middle of content. This is an example contextual link.

stumbleupon logo Next, spend like $100-$200 on Stumbleupon ads to send traffic to your blog post on the Top 100 dental blogs. You can get real clicks from engaged people for $.10-$.20 per click. The goal is to send real traffic to this blog post so that people click through on some of the links you recommend in your post. That way the site owners of those blogs will be thinking “wow, we are getting traffic from that guy’s blog post featuring us – maybe we should actually install his badge on our site”. Then they do.

Expect for anywhere from 2%-10% of the blog owners to actually do this. But each link will have cost you let’s say $50, which is pretty good. Let’s say the total cost of this project is $500 to do this – if you get 10 high quality links, then that’s paying $50 per link. That’s not bad. It’s not super cheap, but SEO isn’t cheap if it’s done properly. And this is a method that will actually get you links that are worth getting.

Not only that, but your’e getting high quality traffic to your site, which helps a little for SEO. These Stumbleupon ads also work great for infographics! Every time we do an infographic campaign, we see rankings rise significantly within a couple days. Why? Google rewards great content (compelling infographics) that get shared across social media platforms (with the help of Stumbleupon ads). It’s Mint’s biggest secret so success (the finance app). They did a lot of infographics to spread content – and SU ads helped get the word out. If you want more high level tips like these, please sign up for the full report. You will learn how we market infographics and more great tips not covered on this page. We promise not to spam you with crappy offers.

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Free Dental Marketing Report August 17, 2013

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