Dentrix vs. Eaglesoft Review – Which Is Best For Your Dental Practice?

Dentrix vs. Eaglesoft Review – Which Is Best For Your Dental Practice?

Finding the right dental software for your business is not an easy task. You must choose a package that works well for your business, that runs well, and that brings your customers happiness. You must also choose one that stays within your budgetary restrictions. In order to achieve this end goal, then, and make an informed decision, be sure that you do your research before choosing a dental software that is right for you.

Among the top and most popular options in dental software are Eaglesoft and Dentrix. A vast number of dental companies chose one or both of these programs to help run their business more efficiently. If you can afford both, that is great but a number of businesses cannot undertake this financial burden. Therefore, identifying which software will work best for you is important. The following takes a closer look at each of these systems to help you to identify which will work better for your dental business’s needs.


There are several benefits to Dentrix software that work well for a business. This software allows dentists the opportunity to utilize a lab case manager that actually helps send out patient notices and other information both quickly and efficiently. Even prescriptions can be sent via the lab case manager option. Mobile solutions and other eServices, too, make serving clients a lot easier.

Some other benefits of using this tool are: license transfer, financial options and partner split. This puts less burden on the user and makes it more ‘friendly’. In addition to this, some great training videos and articles are also available on the official site.

In addition to the pros, there are cons to this dental software. In comparison with Eaglesoft software, Dentrix is a bit more complicated to use. It is better for those with a more intermediate understanding of how the dental software processes work. Though it is more advanced, it can require more oversight. Therefore, hiring a software management team can be a great asset to implementation.

So, should you consider Dentrix? Yes, but you must be willing to invest the time and energy necessary to fully utilize its properties. If not, it is a waste of monies and time.


Eaglesoft is the other option in management software for dental practices. This software has many benefits, including its ability to work well for virtually any size business. There are a wealth of different services included in this software including digital imaging, patient records management, and even treatment planning for the busy dentist.

Of course, there are some drawbacks to this product as well. It is not as widely varied in its services as some other software like Dentrix, thus leaving a gap in its effectiveness. It can be simple to master which is great but that is because it does not have as many features. Therefore, it is great for beginners but not often for the more experienced and advanced of businesses.

If you are new to dental management software, Eaglesoft is a great choice. It is not, however, a great option for those that want an extremely inclusive software system. While not a bad option by any means, it is not the most advanced choice that you can make.

Whether you know what software package you want to use or not, Crawford and O’Brien are here to help you decide. We have a plethora of different options and can guide you through the selection process. From the selection to the implementation, Crawford and O’Brien is the best and will walk you through each step.

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