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How Can Your Dental Website Design Give You More Patients?

If you are like most dentists, you probably understand that you need a website as a marketing tool. But, did you know your website has to be high-converting or you could lose potential patients? Are you aware that you need to be found by Google and other search engines or the patients you need for your practice will go to your competitors? Your website’s design and content matters on whether you will be successful in getting new patients.

At Crawford and O’Brien, we listen to you and design a website just for you and your practice. The difference is we make sure the site is a high-converting site, and you are found on search engines.

What if I do the website design myself?

You might want to save money by doing the work yourself.  Can you guarantee you get the rankings in search engines you deserve? Can you be assured that your dental website design is the right one to convert people to patients? You should let online marketing experts take care of you and create a perfect website designed for your practice in mind. Crawford and O’Brien hires the best team of designers, writers and search engine experts. They have used their skills for many dentists. We will design your website with a WordPress platform and will customize it to so it reflects well on your practice and protects your online reputation.. Our team will work with you on the look of your site, and our writers will create high-quality content that shows off your experience, your procedures, and expectations of patients while they are in your care. Crawford and O’Brien doesn’t stop with just a nice-looking website. Call now, +1 (520) 775-2093 for more information on how we can help you.

What makes Crawford and O’Brien Better than other Marketing Companies?

Crawford and O’Brien has an experienced track record of building quality, custom websites that increase leads/conversions for clients. Our websites come fully loaded…and by that we mean that all our websites are optimized, cutting edge, interactive, and SEO friendly. For example, a large component of SEO is the code and framework of the website itself. The websites Crawford and O’Brien produces are coded with SEO in mind, and we know all the necessary factors to produce websites that rank high in Google, promote interactivity, and look great at the same time. From 3-D sliders to responsive websites that change for mobile devices and tablets, we make sure that you and your customers are impressed with your new website. Not only that, but the prices offered by Crawford and O’Brien are simply unbeatable for what you are getting. Please visit our portfolio for examples.

Here are seven reasons why you can trust Crawford and O’Brien for your digital marketing and website design needs.

  1. Search Engine Optimization. Crawford and O’Brien values your reputation. We do everything we can to ensure you have a good reputation online. That includes countering negative SEO with positive SEO. Using this tool to create a strong online presence, we do what it takes to force negative comments down in the search rankings by promoting your practice with good actions. We provide backlinks for you on high authority medical sites, such as, and blogs on your website. We take measures to fight negative SEO, but our competitors don’t. In addition, we analyze your site, rankings and give you advice on where you can improve your SEO.
  2. Images. Like keywords, you have to use images correctly or they can hurt you. We help you get results because we know how to ensure images rank high on Google. We put keywords in the meta data of the image and drive backlinks to the image for search engine rankings. This has proven successful for many of our clients and will work for you too.
  3. Videos. Today, videos on your website are ranking higher than content. We embed videos on your website. We create them for you or use you what you have created. We make sure they represent your practice well and send the right message. Our videos are professionally created and educational.
  4. High-level tactics to educate. We believe in educating potential patients, our clients and others. All our tactics are designed to educate those people visiting your website. However, we also take time to educate you on what works and what you can do to improve your marketing. We want our clients to be successful.
  5. Title Tags. All our pages are embedded with code that search engines grab, such as top cosmetic dentistry in Vienna, VA. This simple step improves your local search rankings. Many of our competitors do not take this simple step to ensure you are found locally.
  6. Keywords. Don’t believe that putting keywords in your content will help you get found because it won’t. We take a scientific approach to using keywords in content. We determine what market you are seeking, find the keywords that rank highest for that market segment, and use them sporadically throughout the content. The wording is natural-sounding and helps brings the search engine spiders to you instead of punishing you for stuffing your site with keywords. Many web developers will throw keywords on a page without making them sound natural and hurt your rankings.
  7. Reviews. Having your patients give you testimonials for your website and review you in Google + is another simple step you can take to ensure your website is effective and ranking high. We help you get reviews in Google +, Yelp and other medical places.
  8. Great customer service. Because of our size compared to our competitors, we can give you the personal attention you deserve. We give you monthly or weekly reports whatever you wish. In addition to the reports, we speak with you constantly to ensure your needs are met with your Internet medical website. Call now for a free strategy session with Crawford and O’Brien, +1 (520) 775-2093.

Success Stories

Listen to these success stories from our satisfied clients.

  • Dr. Darren Flowers had a 61 percent increase in new patients when he switched his marketing to Crawford and O’Brien
  • Dr. Pat Crawford acquired a $17,000 patient within a few months of starting a campaign with us
  • Within days of launching his new website, Dr. Ira Morrow got a call asking for a $23,000 makeover

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Check out this before and after example of a recent dental client.

Before Crawford & O’Brien :

pat crawford dds before crawford and obrien

After Crawford & O’Brien :




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Crawford and O’Brien is a digital marketing agency for dentists that is disrupting the dental marketing industry. Besides being 2 years ahead of competitors and offering services most dentists and marketers have never heard of (like SBO), Crawford and O’Brien is known most for doing amazing SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns as well as other digital marketing services like web development, conversion optimization, lead generation, and consulting for dentists.