Dental SEO

The Formula for a Successful Dental SEO Campaign

If you are a dentist, you are losing money every day you don’t rank #1.


Every day without the use of effective online marketing techniques.

You are NOT ensuring your business is unique in the eyes of your customers.

Because of this, all over the world, dental professionals are increasingly turning to technology for promotion. All in order to ensure uninterrupted flow of business. Often, however using marketing methodologies they know very little about. But like many fields, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the flavor of the day, and you will find dozens of companies toting Dental SEO around the web. Many of them promising a “quick rise” to the top of Google Rankings.

But dental providers should know getting to the top of Google depends on a wide range of parameters and no clear-cut formulas for overnight success exist. And before you embark on a SEO adventure that could significantly affect your profitability You need to be prepared to complete a checklist of preparatory activities and answer several key questions about your business plans.

The 7 Steps to a Proper Dental SEO Campaign

Find out what makes you special

Dental SEO marketing is not some kind of a magic wand that just creates new leads out of thin air. This is a very effective channel for reaching new customers, but only for organizations able to properly identify their main target groups and put together a competitive offer. Only then, does it makes sense to invest in acquiring technical expertise in online marketing and initiating a concerted effort to get good ranking on major search engines. When you know exactly which terms define the core values of your business, it becomes simpler to optimize your online contents based on those terms.

As the entire system of website ranking is based on content relevance – search engines try to display the results most likely to lead to further clicks on the top of each page. Meaning a good SEO campaign must be well-structured, focused, and puts the most relevant parts of your dental portfolio in the spotlight. Instead of attempting to dominate a general topic, which is a very costly exercise.

For example, an established dental provider could decide to exclusively advertise high-end services. Requiring online marketing activities to be built around custom keywords related to high-end services including rich media content such as video. And at the other end of the spectrum, new providers can insist on affordable prices and convenient hours, and adapting their strategies and techniques to their objectives.

Learn what the people are searching for

On the grand scale, demand always dictates supply. When you apply this rule of thumb to the level of internet search advertising. The conclusion is that analyzing general search trends can be a rich source of insight for dental providers looking to make a splash in the market. It is relatively easy to follow user behavior through Google Analytics and a range of other tools. This empowers you to learn how the patients search for dental services and the exact wording they are using when looking for a new provider. In-depth research of this kind can provide excellent clues that can be used to create an effective dental SEO plan that will drive new business development to you.

Furthermore, understanding the nature of demand can help dental professionals formulate their services in a manner that mirrors patient expectations. If dental plans appear to be in great demand on the online market, some providers might be tempted to create popularly priced packages and promote them over the internet to gauge the reaction. Staying in constant touch with the customers and their search habits is the best way to stay a step ahead of the competition. Keeping the offering as sharp as it can possibly be.

Your location matters

Most dentists draw over 90% of their business from a very well-defined geographical area, so they have little need to implement national or global promotion efforts. Speaking in SEO terms, dental organizations may be best served by optimization efforts aimed at a narrow locale.

Which is usually done by including the name of the town or region where the dental practice is situated among the primary keywords. This strategy can save a lot of money by directing the resources where they are most likely to create immediate returns. At the same time strengthening your customer base and contributing to your word-of-mouth reputation in the geographic area.

So in translation, it is important to get to the top of Google results, but it is completely alright if that’s just a list of Google results for best dental practitioners in your ZIP code. Who cares if millions of people located thousands of miles away click on your website – the goal of a Dental SEO campaign is to put patients in your office quickly. And there is no better way to do that than starting in your own neighborhood.

Rare exceptions to this rule might apply for dental practices located in major metropolitan areas, which may have an incentive to expand their online focus to include frequent travelers, but this only proves that location-based thinking is a central theme of the dental service industry.

Follow the numbers

Online marketing is a very dynamic discipline that relies heavily on quantitative research, so it’s smart practice to do a follow up analyses of your Dental SEO activities every so often. The results may not always be pretty, especially early on. But it is much better to have a forward warning, and be ready to redirect the funds towards the channels that create traction. Because a great online marketing campaign is always a work in progress, as there is always another wrinkle to iron out, another key detail to get in sync with the incoming data. Constant improvement is key.

Dental professionals who want to take advantage of the rising power of online marketing need to maintain a flexible attitude and respond to the needs of their patients in real time. For these techniques will aid your business. But every business is as unique as the people that operate it. For this reason, SEO should not be too automated. It should be tailored to your specific business, and highlighting its strengths to deliver the best conversion rate. As modern tools allow for precise monitoring of the pulse of the market, providing dental businesses with the window of opportunity to strike while the iron is hot!

As a dentist, you may not have taken the time to think about the way the internet can truly benefit your practice. After all, it’s more likely that you have enough going on running it, to have the time to worry about your online presence. However, in today’s tech-driven world, it may be time that you shift your attention to consider the importance of being online. With Crawford and O’Brien Dental SEO, we can make it easier for clients to find you, which will help you increase the amount of patients you have and the revenues that you are earning.

Get Found Today

  • How do patients find you?
  • Do you hand out business cards to your current clients in hopes that they’ll share with friends?
  • Do you run a local TV or news advertisement that you hope people won’t change the channel when they see?
  • Or maybe you’re just hoping that your location will be enough to draw in people who are driving by?
  • If you are relying on any of these outdated methods of marketing, it’s time to make a shift.

Because each day, millions of people around the world get online and use a search engine like Google to find services that they need. However, if your online presence isn’t search engine optimized, then you don’t have a chance when it comes to getting recognized before the competition. But with Dental SEO marketing from Crawford and O’Brien, we make it easier for clients to find you now. And experience what many of our clients have before such as a $15000 or $17000 implant days after our work.

Watch as we effortlessly maximize your SEO efforts in the best way to get you recognized. Making your online marketing efforts much more rewarding than anything else than you have done before.

It’s Not Just About Your Website

Because having website, means you’re just one step on the right path to getting more traffic with your online efforts. But, you might be surprised to find out that the path doesn’t have just one lane on it. Instead, there are a variety of different paths that you’ll want to consider in order to make sure that your clients are finding you online easily.

With Crawford and O’Brien Dental SEO, we’ll help you develop a stronger social media platform, more consistent content, and we’ll even manage your online reputation to make sure that people feel comfortable trusting you with their oral health. In addition, we can also take a look at that old website and spruce it up a bit too.

Because You Don’t Have Time, So Let Us Do It For You

Because we know you are busy. And you will have nothing to worry once you start working with us as we do the work and you just have to focus on the influx of clients coming through the door. So don’t let the focus on your practice falter, but rather let Crawford and O’Brien make sure that your online presence is working for you in a way that will benefit all of your efforts.

Contact us today to find out how Crawford and O’Brien can help you with your dental SEO efforts.


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