Demandforce vs Lighthouse vs RevenueWell: Choosing the Right Management Software for Your Dental Practice

Demandforce vs Lighthouse vs RevenueWell: Choosing the Right Management Software for Your Dental Practice

Choosing the right management software for your dental practice is imperative to your success. You need to have a program that works for your business and one that can keep you functioning at your full potential. With so many software packages on the market today, it can be difficult to identify which one will work best for you and your business needs. Among the top in management software packages, and ones that Crawford and O’Brien know well, are top management software including Demandforce, Lighthouse, and RevenueWell. So what are each of these packages about? The following explains more to help you make the best and most educated choice for your business.


This is the perfect management software to help with all of your dental practice marketing needs. This software can benefit your business in many ways, including the following:

  • Automatic Reminders—Demandforce automatically updates clients, via text or email, regarding upcoming appointments and their obligations to your office. This creates a constant and yet easily managed stream of communication.
  • Referrals—Promote referrals among your customers via a referral program. This helps to create a benefit for your current clientele to reach out to new business at low to no cost to you.
  • Reviews—Quickly and cleanly display reviews, utilizing anecdotal evidence to promote your business’s success.

If you want an easy to utilize software that is as much about user friendliness as it is marketing benefit, Demandforce may be a great fit for your business. You will have to do very little inputting in order to see large and impactful—as well as targeted—results.


For those that want flexibility, Lighthouse software may be the perfect fit. It works well across platforms and cross-marketing promotions, including social media, SEO, and general website functionality. Lighthouse has an extensive amour of experience in working with businesses of varying sizes. There are great services in customer services that can be facilitated, too. Because it can be customized and comes with a range of services included, Lighthouse can be both effective and affordable. This software is a great option if you want more flexibility.


RevenueWell is a trusted name in the dental management and marketing industry. Why? This program has reached tremendous success because it is software that was developed for dentists by actual dentists. This allows for diversified software programs that meet multiple dentistry industry needs. There are patient communication options, personalized marketing outreach, and automatic reminders. There are other service tools as well that help to run a business efficiently. This takes a large number of the day to day tasks away from the daily operations so that the dental practice can focus their attentions elsewhere.

Crawford and O’Brien are knowledge about a wide variety of software packages, including those listed above. Utilize our resources and let us help you to find the perfect fit for your particular businesses. We can tailor the experience to you and help meet the needs that you want met. We can answer questions for you, too!
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