How We Generated Eight Google+ Reviews, Four Superpages Reviews, Four Yelp Reviews, and Two Yellowpages Reviews in 10 Days Flat! Hint: That’s 18 Online Reviews!

How We Generated Eight Google+ Reviews, Four Superpages Reviews, Four Yelp Reviews, and Two Yellowpages Reviews in 10 Days Flat! Hint: That’s 18 Online Reviews!

Getting reviews on the top review sites is a great way to market your business — just ask Pat Crawford, DDS. In the space of one week, Crawford and O’Brien managed to get Dr. Crawford five-star reviews on the top review sites!

General Description


Campaign Timeline:
Thanksgiving week November 20th – November 30th 2014

get more reviews on the top review sites

29 reviews (all 5 stars)!

The Campaign

It is important for this type of campaign that you pick a start and end date.

Our campaign ran from Nov. 20 to 30, 2014.

Step 1: Come up with a prize

You can choose from two ways to ask patients to leave you reviews: the dentist/staff can personally ask the patient if they are willing to leave a review, or you can send the patient a really good follow-up email after their appointment.

If they agree, a link within the email to your Google+ page (and any other review sites) will make it easy for them to leave a review. It is important to offer incentives to convince patients to take action. We’ve tested multiple tactics and have discovered that the best way to reward patients for leaving a review is to offer a gift card of some sort or to hold a raffle.

However, you have to be careful regarding the terms and service agreements of review sites. The way to avoid violating these terms is to make sure patients know that they aren’t being forced to leave a review and that they can leave whatever review they want. It doesn’t have to be a five-star review. The reward we chose for Dr. Crawford’s patients was $500 off their next co-pay.

Step 2: Host a raffle

A limited-time only raffle is a great idea. It enforces scarcity because it only runs for a limited time and there’s only one winner. The key is to make sure that your prize is compelling. Movie tickets, a free massage at a local spa, a free electric toothbrush, frozen yogurt coupons or pizza are all great prizes.

Step 3: Make sure you and your staff work as a team

This is pretty self-explanatory, but you need to make sure that you and your team are all on the same page. The whole staff needs to be working to encourage patients to leave reviews and to let them know about the benefits of doing so. You’d be surprised how many of our clients where their team isn’t acting like one unit.

Step 4: Market the heck out of the raffle

We blasted Dr. Crawford’s patient database with a great email template that focused on their limited-time opportunity to leave a review and get entered into the raffle.

We even ran Facebook ads to his list of patients. You can upload a CSV file of emails and show Facebook ads to these people. Only about half of the emails will end up having a Facebook account associated with that email, but that’s fine. If your patient database has 6,000 people, showing ads to 3,000 is still good. Expect about 2 percent to click on your ads, which means you can get 60 great clicks, which should convert to about three to five people taking action.

Step 5: Make sure people know they can leave multiple reviews to get more entries

We made it really easy for people to leave multiple reviews. Thus, we really only needed about 15 people to participate because roughly half of the people left reviews on MULTIPLE review sites, which is great.

Step 6: Announce the winner so everyone knows that a winner was picked

You want to ensure that everyone gets an email notification letting them know that there was a winner. That way they know that the raffle was on the up-and-up.

Also, make sure that you get a picture with the winner and a video testimonial if possible. Once you get a picture or video, post it to your Facebook page and upload the video to Youtube.

The reward we picked for Dr. Crawford’s patients was $500 off their next co-pay, which meant that the winner had an incentive to schedule an appointment to get more work done! So, you’re not actually losing any money when giving a prize. In the end, you’re actually making money.

Here are the results of our successful campaign. Check out these awesome reviews!


That’s it! If you’re interested in getting help with your review campaign, click here to get in touch with us for a free strategy session worth $500! Let us help you run a successful campaign while you attend to your busy dentistry practice!

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