7 Dental Website Conversion Hacks to Increase Leads By 127%

7 Dental Website Conversion Hacks to Increase Leads By 127%

When it comes to medical website design, you need to take the time to create a webpage that is going to work well for you and your needs. This website must be functional, attractive, and easy to use for both you, your customers, and your potential clientele. Without a well running website for your medical and dental business needs, your revenue and reputation can be hurt.

With the right medical website design, you can bring new customers in the door and see true and tangible results. But unless you have the knowledge to be a good designer on your own or have some experience in this arena, it might be worth your time to hire a medical website designer to at least help you get started in the right direction. If you need a medical website that is more than just functional but something fantastic, Crawford and O’Brien is the solution that you need. To get you started on creating a hugely functional website, the following are some of the ways that you can increase your customer conversion rate and increase your website leads.

Mobile Responsiveness

A website needs to be responsive and change across the different platforms of display. They should look great on any device upon which it is opened. Even in this modern age, there are a ton of websites that aren’t all that responsive. These make it difficult for the customer to navigate through and the lack of responsiveness can drive customers away. What is worse, most of these websites don’t even have a mobile display option. While you might not think mobile is important, over half of your potential revenue is going to come from your mobile devices. Making the website easy for customers to view even when they are on the go can help to get more people in the door.

Our professionals can work to make your website mobile friendly. These websites will work well whether the customer is online or on their smartphone. The result is your customer feeling like you care and that you want their business. The result is ultimately more traffic through your business’s doors all through a quality mobile responsiveness strategy.

SUPER Easy Navigation

Make sure that if you have a business page that you evaluate and research the navigation capabilities on your site. Are your customers able to find what they are looking for with just a few clicks, or is the page one convoluted mess? Do you need to simplify the website or is everything running without issue? If not, know that a few simple changes can make a world of difference in your user’s experience.

A Greeting and an Image

Personalization can put you ahead of your customer’s when it comes to your business website. A greeting and an image can be a great mechanism for sharing your business’s mission. You want any traffic that comes to your site to know immediately that the web page they have found is your business page. Some medical professionals choose to do this by making a  friendly and inviting site that works for all of their customers.

But when you are ready to step ahead of the others in the industry and make a real splash, there are a lot of other options you can utilize. For example, our professionals can work with you to target what drives your particular traffic and then create messages and images based on the information that is collected.  This makes the customer feel valued and, thus, increases the likelihood that they will continue coming back.

Use Retargeting Correctly

Retargeting is a process you can use in order to get the attention of visitors that showed interest in you, but who left before they made a calculated action.  There are a number of things you can do in order to retarget your clients. Think of it this way, these individuals already took the time to visit your website and take a look around, but for one reason or another did not set up an appointment or purchase anything. Maybe you need to provide them with a reminder email or even a coupon to incentivize their return. Here at Crawford and O’Brien, we can help you to get started with the right retargeting strategy to help your business.

Consider Split Tests

Not sure which website image or idea is going to work the best for your website? Conducting a split test can help out. This allows you to see which component works best with your customers and which ones you might want to consider eliminating altogether.Remember to keep any changes simple in the beginning. Only change one small thing about your website at a time and compare it to a dummy website in its original form. This comparison can be beneficial to identifying what changes are warranted and what falls flat. If you need help doing this testing, the qualified professionals at Crawford and O’Brien can take that process of your hands for you.

Write Amazing Blog Posts

Blog posts are another way to attract customers. When done correctly, they can be used for SEO purposes and will drive customers–and potential consumers– to your website. Make sure you write articles that are high quality and that will bring value to your clients. Remember, you must also keep up with the writing on a regular basis to keep the clients coming back. If you are short on time, Crawford and O’Brien can help create quality blog posts that will keep your customers engaged and interested which will drive them to your page again and again.

Analyze Your Website’s Traffic Sources

It is never a good idea to post your website online without any research or maintenance. You need to actively monitor the website and determine if it is doing the right job. Most website development programs, such as WordPress and Joomla, are able to provide these analytics for you at low to no cost. When you hire us as your medical website designers, we can take care of all the analytics in regards to your business website. We can determine if something is working well or if we must make changes to bring in the right results.

When it comes to your medical website, you want the very best. Consider Crawford and O’Brien for all of your medical website design needs and get the perfect website that your customers will love the first time around.


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