10 Strategies for Dental Marketing

10 Strategies for Dental Marketing

Dental Marketing Infographic


We created this dental marketing InfoGraphic to give you a visual of 10 great strategies that every dentist should be applying to their marketing strategy.

  1. Build a High Converting Website – If you double your conversion rate, you just doubled your online income. The benefits of conversion optimization and testing are incredible.
  2. Regular SEO – Regular SEO is very powerful. Over 70% of the traffic on any given search on Google go to the first 3 listings.
  3. Local SEO – People are constantly searching for restaurants and local businesses on their smartphones and tablets. Mobile traffic is only going to increase.
  4. Google AdWords PPC – You should always do a PPC campaign on AdWords before you actually start an SEO campaign.
  5. Social Media Marketing – The viral power and ability to communicate with your customers make social media one of the best methods ever.
  6. Retargeting – Retargeting is one of the most powerful marketing strategies in existence. With retargeting, you can show ads to visitors who left your website without taking the action you wanted them to.
  7. Google + Optimization & Rich Snippets – It’s vital that your Google+ account is optimized… especially if you’re a local business. You can rank your Google+ page on Google and foster positive reviews.
  8. Online Reputation Management – There are specific strategies that you can apply to help generate positive reviews on sites like Yelp, Google+, Yellow pages and other review sites.
  9. Quality Patient Management – When customers are in your business and in communication with you, that’s the best time to develop your relationship further.
  10. Facilitating Referrals – Word of Mouth Marketing and referrals are the best type of new customer. To help foster referrals, make sure you’re building a list of customers that you can email and follow up with.

If you’re not doing all 10, you’re missing out on new patients.

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