10 Steps to Syndicate Your Content Across 7 Channels to Drive Traffic & Build Links

10 Steps to Syndicate Your Content Across 7 Channels to Drive Traffic & Build Links

There are so many tasks to perform when it comes to content creation for SEO purposes. Thus, it’s vital to automate systems and syndicate your ideas across multiple channels so you don’t go crazy trying to come up with a million ideas. Not to mention all this can get done for under $80 if you choose to outsource the entire process.

The whole purpose of syndication is to save time through leverage. Why re-write your ideas 10 times? Just take the main idea of your blog post or article and syndicate that main idea across multiple channels. Here’s what I mean. If you write a blog post, you can take that idea and turn it into a PDF. Then get that PDF shared to the top 15 PDF sharing sites. Then create powerpoint slides out of your blog post idea. Then have that shared to the top 15 slide sharing site. Then have it converted to audio and video and shared to the top audio and video sites etc etc.

Here are the 7 channels of syndication:

1. Slide sharing

2. PDF sharing

3. Video sharing

4. Audio sharing

5. InfoGraphic sharing

6. Press releases

7. Social media

These are the 7 channels, but I have a 10 step process of getting these done. So here’s a list of the 10 steps  ways to syndicate your content for maximum results. Including the time it takes to write a quality 750-1000 word blog post, you can do all of these methods in 3 hours or less. And the cool part about all of this is that you can pay $50-$80 for someone to do all this for you. The price difference between $50-$80 is really just for how much quality and speed you want. So here are the 9 steps in order of how I would personally perform them for our company and for one of our clients. I’ll also link to the best outsourcers to save you time in trying to figure out who’s the best. (You’re welcome).


1. Write a blog post

Don’t spend too much time on this. You should be able to write a high quality blog post that’s 750-1000 words in one hour. If you can’t you’re spending too much time on details. Yes, make it super-high quality, take as much time as you need. But time is money, and it doesn’t take me that long. Just block out 50 minutes like Dean Jackson and crank it out.

You can also outsource the creation of your blog posts. You can find high quality writers who will write you a 1000 word blog post for $20 or less. I often pay $10 for a 500 word blog post and add about 300-500 words of my own content on top of it. That way, they get me started, and I just have to add a few points and a few images to spice it up a bit. For outsourcing content, I would recommend iWriter or hiring people on Elance or Odesk.


2. Turn it into a PDF

Change the first and last paragraph of your blog post and use the content to create a PDF. You can just do this in Word or Text Edit. All you need to do is change a couple paragraphs. You can also outsource the creation of a new PDF for $5 on fiverr. Then you’ll outsource the sharing of this PDF.


3. Share the PDF to the top 15 PDF sharing sites

Outsource this. You can have someone on fiverr submit your PDF to the top 15 sharing sites. This will get you some nice backlinks and potentially some traffic as well.


4. Turn your post into PowerPoint slides & share them to 12 sites

You can take the main idea from your blog post and create like 5-10 PowerPoint slides. This takes 5 minutes or less. Now you can submit this PowerPoint presentation to the top 12 slide sharing sites. This is actually one of my favorites. Sites like slideshare.net rank high on Google. I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen a slideshare.net PowerPoint ranking on the first page of Google.


5. Record a screen capture video of your PowerPoint presentation

You can create a video with ScreenFlow or Camtasia and post it on Youtube and the top video sharing sites. ScreenFlow is a screen capturing software that allows you to record what you’re doing on your computer desktop. ScreenFlow is best for Mac and Camtasia is best for PC. If you don’t want to do this, just pay someone on fiverr to make you a whiteboard animation video. These videos are pretty cool. They use a video software called VideoScribe to create the videos, but they save you so much time. It would take 10 hours to create a video that you can get done on fiverr for $5. Not bad.


6. Share your screen capture video to the top 30 video sharing sites

Even if you opted for having a whiteboard animation video created, you can still pay someone to upload that video to the top 30 video sharing sites like Youtube, Vimeo etc. This is a great way to get traffic and exposure. Then embed the Youtube video on your site. That helps for SEO purposes for both your website and helping the video rank higher on Youtube.


7. Create an audio file and share it to the top 15 audio sharing sites

Share your audio file to the top 15 audio sharing sites through fiverr. You can get the audio off the Youtube video if you upload it yourself with a screen capture video. Otherwise, if you had a whiteboard animation created, don’t worry about getting the audio off Youtube. Just talk into GarageBand (for Mac) or Audacity (for PC). These programs will allow you to record audio and export it as an mp3. Then you can upload the mp3 file to the fiverr person, and they will share it. With GarageBand, you can actually upload it straight to iTunes if you want. Again, this is mostly for backlinks.


8. Order an InfoGraphic and get it shared to the top 30 sharing sites

InfoGraphics are a great way to generate links. Not only that, but they bring engagement to your site. Plus, if it’s a good one, people will look at it and stay on your site longer – and they will scroll too. Scrolling helps with SEO. Yes, Google can tell who is scrolling and who is not. Get your InfoGraphic created on fiverr. Then get it shared to the top 30 InfoGraphic sharing sites.

Check out this example InfoGraphic on Pinterest Marketing that I had created on fiverr.com.

Pinterest Marketing Tools.


9. Submit a Press Release

This is one of the best gigs on fiverr. This person will get you into Google News for an extra $5 and will write the press release for $10. That’s pretty good. Plus, she will submit it to PRbuzz and SBwire, which are actually pretty great sites. Some of the press releases I’ve used with this person have ranked very well. The goal of this press release is to promote your blog post, but also to get links to all your other properties. You should link to your slides, your pdf, your video, and other websites besides just your money site. Also remember to never just send all the links to your site’s homepage. That’s a big flag for Google because it looks unnatural. You want link diversity. And send links to a great variety of your pages. And remember to make your #1 anchor text your company name. That looks the most natural. You can check backlinks and anchor text with ahrefs.


10. Share your content on social media

Remember to share all your content to all your social networks. As soon as the fiverr gigs get completed, start sharing links on Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, and Pinterest. Your InfoGraphics should especially be shared on Pinterest. Google+ is actually the fastest way to get something indexed. Whenever we do guest posting, we always post links to the article on Google+ because then Google indexes it. Plus, for author rank, you want to be active on Google Plus. But that’s another blog post.

Your total cost for all the fiverr gigs should be around $40 depending on which gigs you order, and you could pay someone on Odesk $20 to do it all for you. It takes me 3 hours to do everything I just mentioned in this post. So if you pay someone $7/hr, $20 is definitely reasonable. So your total cost is $60. Not bad. You should do this at least once per month. Just remember to link to different posts and other properties. You don’t need 10 links from slideshare.net pointing to your site. But if you link slideshare.net to a press release that links to an infographic that links to an article that links to your site, then that’s ok. I think you get the picture. Make everything look as natural as possible.

by: Charles Crawford 

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